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11 Most Read IRIS Articles of the Week (October 24-28)


11 Most Read IRIS Articles of the Week (October 24-28)

Here’s a look at the Top 11 Most Viewed Articles of the Week on, October 24-28, 2016. 

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1. Beware! The Post-DOL World is Likely to Impact on Recruiting Deals

Advisors and recruiters alike tread cautiously through a new land filled with uncertainty when it comes to transition packages. — Mindy Diamond

2. Did the DOL Create a Buyer’s Market for Advisory Firms?

Thanks to the DOL, the number of ‘for sale’ signs on advisory practices is likely to escalate in the next 12 months, and for the first time in ages, there may be more sellers than buyers. — Bill Acheson

3. The RIA Boom Is Ready to Hit Another Level — Are You Ready?

Believe it or not, the onslaught of new technology, the rise of the robo advisor and the oncoming DOL rule has actually made it a more exciting, more promising time to be an RIA. — Joe Anthony

4. Investing in Gold? The Truth About Gold Miners

Year-to-date gold mining stocks have surged, with the Philadelphia Stock Exchange Gold & Silver Index (“gold miners”) up over 110% as of September 23rd, setting off a new “gold rush” in the eyes of investors. — Maxwell Gold

5. Do You Know How to Effectively Answer “What Do You Do?”

The simple question, “What do you do?” doesn’t need to tie you up in knots. Focus on these three Rs to ensure you have your elevator pitch mastered. — Paul Kingsman

6. 3 Tips for Talking to Clients about Alternative Investments

If you’ve been advising clients for more than a decade, alternative investments probably haven’t been on the list of options you’ve discussed with most of them. — Jason Plucinak

7. NextGen Advisor? How Are You Positioning Yourself in a Changing Industry Landscape

Whenever an industry starts to transition, it can be difficult to describe the changes occurring or to create a lexicon of easily understood terms. The advisory industry has reached a maturation and evolution point where the “nextgen” advisor is beginning to receive widespread attention. — Kyle Hiatt

8. The Truth About UHNW Millennials: Why Your Assumptions May Be Wrong

There’s a lot of negative talk surrounding UHNW (ultra-high-networth) millennials. Assumptions about how they view their wealth have deterred many wealth advisors from capitalizing on the opportunity presented by this highly misunderstood generation of inheritors. — Laura A. Roser

9. How to Map a Plan to Master DOL Compliance

The DOL Conflict of Interest Rule is expected to have the biggest impact on financial services since ERISA was enacted in 1974. As firms scramble to comply, four key questions rise to the surface … — Broadridge Financial Solutions, Inc.

10. 97% of All Money Managers Don’t Do as Well as a Third Grader

With all the research to the contrary, why does active investing flourish? There are three reasons. First, people are confused. Few investors understand that Wall Street has every financial incentive to keep you confused. — Rick Kahler

11. How Advisors MUST Control Client Expectations and Outcomes

The present economic climate offers heightened insecurity that recalls the traumatic memories from 2008. As far as investing is concerned, clients look to their advisers for precise navigation through these churning waters with the expectation/hope that “the outcomes from this next cycle will be different.” — Kirk Loury

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