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11 Most Read Iris Articles of the Week (September 19-23)


11 Most Read Iris Articles of the Week (September 19-23)

Here’s a look at the Top 11 Most Viewed Articles of the Week on, September 19-23, 2016. Click the headline to read the full article.  Enjoy!

1. 10 Big Financial Things You Need to Know About Millennials

Millennials are set to inherit over 30+ trillion in wealth from the Baby Boomers in coming years. Now is the time to develop a strategy to attract and retain Gen Y clients. But before developing your strategy … — Carolyn Rose Kick

2. 7 Ways the Law Protects Seniors Who Sell Their Life Insurance Policies

I never get tired of sharing this fact: a life insurance policy is an asset. If a senior is not going to keep their life insurance policy—for whatever reason—they have a protected property right to sell that policy. — Michael Freedman

3. 12 Tips for Retaining Your Best and Brightest in 2017

Millennials are demanding more from their managers. Money is no longer the panacea it once was in key employee retention, especially in the financial services sector. — Julius James

4. Advisors: How to Separate Yourself from the Competition

Everyone is gifted, but most people need help ”unwrapping their gifts,” because those gifts sit dormant, buried under layers of self-doubt, fear of failure, and feeling like they really don’t have what it takes to make a lifelong career of financial advising. — Dr. Jack Singer

5. How Advisors Can Avoid Becoming the Next Taxi Drivers

We have been hearing about digital disruption of financial services for some time, and in some cases experiencing it first hand with the first wave of Australian robo-advisors now in the market. But it’s not until you are on the ground in Silicon Valley, the world’s hotbed of innovation, that you get a sense of just how major the disruption will be. — Santi Burridge

6. Estate Planning: Talking About and Tackling the “Details” Surrounding Illness and Death

In my experience, there are two huge challenges when it comes to estate planning. First, no one (and I mean no one!) wants to talk about and tackle the “details” surrounding illness and death. — George Guerin

7. What Clients Look For When You are Marketing Yourself as an Expert

We are awash in information these days. Everywhere we turn, we are bombarded with data. Confronted with an unfiltered array of choices, opinions, and facts, we seek out experts to help us make sense of it all. Individuals we can trust to tell us what to do, where to go, and what to buy. — Lee Frederiksen

8. 5 Difficult Questions You Should Be Asking Your Prospects

When I ask my sales manager clients « what’s the biggest issue you struggle with in your sales teams ? », the answer is mostly different from what you’d expect. Once we dig beneath the surface, as it turns out, many of their sellers are not suffering from not enough opportunities, but from having too many. — Ago Cluytens

9. Advisors: Three Steps to Connecting With Affluent Women

The challenges many women face when it comes to money are far greater than just the dollars and cents. The issues often run deeper, creating an underlying issue that prevents growth and financial confidence. — Adri Miller-Heckman

10. Mega Business Trends That Will Impact All Of Our Careers

Optimism is itself a strategic asset—as long as it’s backed up by a strong grasp of the facts. With that in mind, here’s a look at some of the business trends that seem most likely to impact professionals of all stripes in the years ahead. — Faisal Hoque

11. Investing: Two Simple Rules to Help You Get Out of Your Own Way

Individual investors are more empowered than ever before. Armed with online tools and mobile apps designed to educate and make even the most complicated investing decisions quick and easy, there’s never been a better time for those who want to optimize their portfolios. Empowerment, however, can be a double-edged sword … — Pam Krueger

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