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11 Most Read IRIS Articles of the Week!


11 Most Read

1. The Bears Are Critically Endangered

There are currently only three scenarios going forward and are ranked by current structure/setup/odds. — Ricky Wen

2. I’m Crying for You Argentina

You can make a case that no one should be surprised since Argentina has a history of market crashes, corrupt politicians and currency issues. — Jay Mooreland

3. Is the Answer to Demotivation Really About Finding the “Why”?

You just need to find 100 great clients whom you can help, you get on with and you can add value to and work on getting those ones. You can build a great business around that! — Stewart Bell

4. Do Financial Plans = More Money for Advisors?

Sharing one’s financial goals is a very personal matter.  Sometimes we may not even have discussed these goals with our spouse or significant other in a meaningful way. — Catherine McBreen

5. 4 Technology and Biotech Stocks to Watch

These four technology and health-related stocks are looking strong technically. — Harry Boxer

6. Differentiating Yourself When All Advisors Sound Alike

Clients like deep pocketed firms for obvious reasons.  In a world where many financial professionals provide similar sounding services, it makes sense to sell your firm as a way to differentiate yourself from the pack.  But how do you do that? — Bryce Sanders

7. The Two Major Differentiators That Advisors Overlook

How to use behavior to influence clients to make the right decisions and how to frame conversations about longevity risk. — Matt Halloran

8. The 7 Key Drivers of Enterprise Value

We are in the midst of a “seller’s market,” where announcements of mergers and acquisitions continue to dominate the headlines. — Louis Diamond

9. NOW It’s A Bear Market

Fed rate cut = “Aggressive Capital Preservation” time — Rob Isbitts

10. You Have to Buy Bonds Even When Rates Are Low

Interest rates are currently low. That is by far the biggest concern among bond investors. They are drowning in worry about low interest rates and their effect on bonds. — Jared Dillion

11. How Advisors Can Work With Clients Receiving Defined Benefit Pensions

In the private sector, the defined benefit pension is rapidly becoming a relic of bygone era. — Tai-Chin Tung

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