20 Most Popular Articles of the Summer

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1. 20 Ways to Improve Your Performance at Work

Personal and professional development help ward off negative thoughts that prevent us from taking steps towards self-improvement. Here are 20 ways you can take control, improve your reputation and performance at work, and reach new skill levels and professional development. — Michelle Mosher

2. How One Financial Planner Saves for Retirement

If you want to build wealth, your best investment is being the best you that you can be. That means getting enough sleep, eating well, not abusing drugs and alcohol, and working hard. — Damon Gonzalez

3. Are You Following These 4 Financial Habits to Achieve Your Goals?

Our habits play a crucial role in our ability to meet our goals and become who we want to be. Bad habits — whether it’s biting our nails, overeating, smoking or something else — create roadblocks on the path to becoming our best selves. — Brad Sherman

4. The 7 Reasons Financial Advisors Struggle Attracting Leads

Everyone in financial services understands that advisors generate 75-90% of all their new business from referrals. That doesn’t mean they’re generating enough revenue however, as most advisors will tell you they want more referrals, more leads, more clients. — Kirk Lowe

5. Implications of Brexit: A Detailed Viewpoint

The decision to leave the EU is a tremendous one for the British people. The UK accounts for 13% of the EU’s population and about 15% of its economic output. To put this into perspective, Brexit would be akin to the entire Northeast region of the United States. — Dr. Sonu Varghese

6. 10 Things You Didn't Know About the DOL's New Rule

In the wake of the DOL's announcement of the new fiduciary rule, many advisors were left asking--how is it going to effect me? Check out 10 things you didn't know about the DOL's new rule. — Carolyn Rose Kick

7. 5 Things to Do Now Because the Next Recession Will Be Way Worse

How many people think that in our lifetime we will never see another Lehman Brothers? Despite the optimistic forecasts that economists are gleefully singing based upon positive jobs and GDP data, the system is still broken. Leverage is still spectacularly high both here and in Europe. — Sara Grillo

8. 17 Questions Answered About the DOL Fiduciary Rule Change

The following questions were raised to us about the new DOL Fiduciary Rule. We cover the DOL Fiduciary Rule in more detail in a previous post, but we thought we'd share. — Christopher Winn

9. The U.S. Department of Labor Fiduciary Rule: How Does It Affect You?

Under the Department of Labor’s new fiduciary rule, financial services providers are required to acknowledge fiduciary status for themselves and their advisors when giving retirement advice. — Marie Dzanis

10. A Millennial’s Decision: Robo-Advisor or Advisor?

If you want to take on Millennials as clients, you may want to act fast. Robo-advisors pose a significant threat to your market share, particularly within the millennial sector. — Nicole Anglace##PAGE_BREAK##

11. In Plain Sight: An Important Tool for Advisors with Clients in Need of Long-Term Care

Financial advisors work diligently to help seniors achieve post-retirement safety and security. But there is one area of financial planning that has become so great a concern it has, literally, been labeled an American “crisis”: The Long-Term Care Crisis. — Michael Freedman

12. 13 FBI Principles of Mental Toughness

I get quite a few chuckles from people who write about mental toughness when all they have to cite are statistics that come from other people’s experiences. Rare is the person who writes about how to be mentally strong from personal experience. — LaRae Quy

13. 5 Technology Tools Every Advisor Should be Using

Technology is becoming a key component to any successful RIA firm. Using technology can streamline your operations work, enhance your client experience, and ultimately help you sign more prospects. But there are +100 advisor-focused technology solutions on the market! Considering which technology to invest in can be a daunting task. — Carolyn Rose Kick

14. The Five Factors of Smart Beta Investing

Although recent interest in factor-based investing would lead one to believe that this is a new-fangled trend, the truth is factor-based investing has existed for decades. In fact, it has been a key component in the stock selection framework of active managers for years. — Nasdaq Global Indexes

15. Why Post-Divorce Finances Are Trickier Than You Think

Brace yourself: Chances are that the steps required to meet the terms of a divorce agreement will leave you and your ex-spouse confused, frustrated, and still adversarial. — Lili Vasileff

16. Shining a Bright Light on the High Costs of Breaking Away

Once You Break Free of the Wirehouse, You Need to Run From the Platforms and Aggregators, Too! There is always a dark side to success. — Matt Sonnen

17. These Things I've Come to Know as a Financial Planner

Having so many of our wants satisfied immediately has made us even less patient and that makes investing all the more difficult. Warren Buffett famously said “The stock market is a highly efficient mechanism for the transfer of wealth from the impatient to the patient. — Damon Gonzalez

18. For Advisors, Daring to Be Different Can Be a Game Changer

Be different. Think different. Act different. It seems everyone’s mantra these days has something to do with being anything but traditional. And for good reason. In such a fast-shrinking world, there’s more of just about everything. More people. More products. More competition. — Mark Petersen

19. How to Build and Scale Your Financial Advisory Practice

If I was asked to give only one idea to build and scale a financial advisory practice, this would be the idea. — Grant Hicks

20. Is "Retirement" the Only Answer? Take Time to Rethink the Possibilities

As a financial advisor, you would think I’ve seen a million definitions of retirement. What’s surprising to me is that I haven’t! — Lauren Klein

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