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Advisor Perspective: Jeff Roush #LINC2015


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IRIS had the opportunity to spend a few minutes with passing Advisors at TD Ameritrade Institutional’s National LINC 2015 Conference to see what’s going with firms in the coming year. This is the second in that series.

Jeff Roush, at 5T Wealth Management, in Napa, CA gives us his thoughts on the industry, Robo Advisors and finding talent.

Where have you witnessed the most significant change in the industry since you started your firm?

Funny to say this, but the problems seem to stay the same and yet the solutions offered don’t address them. Most of the change is in regulatory expense and investment volatility.  

What’s the one thing clients expect from you that now surprises you?

More service, more access at less expense.

Does the impending invasion of the Robo Advisor scare or excite you?

Blending the “live advisor” with the “Robo” will only create more opportunities, faster better technology and new ways to solve client challenges.

What’s the greatest roadblock or resource for you in finding new talent?

Identifying and measuring work ethic and cultural fit with our firm and clients. Younger generation workers seem to have a distinct sense of entitlement which requires well managed coaching.

Do you prefer to hire experienced personnel or groom your younger talent?

We tried both and grooming our own make take more time but there are less “inbred” ways of thinking that can take too long to alter (if you even can change them). 

How many people do you plan to hire this year?

Two to three and we just made two offers that were accepted.


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