Advisor Perspective: Larry Hansen on Human Capital #LINC2015

IRIS had the opportunity to spend a few minutes with passing Advisors at TD Ameritrade Institutional's National LINC 2015 Conference to see what's going with individual firms in the coming year in a number of different areas.

Larry Hansen , Partner and CEO of Capital Planning Advisors , in Sacramento, CA was kind enough to give us a few thoughts on Human Capital .

What does the term "Human Capital" mean to you?

The right people, with the right personality type, talents and cultural match — sitting in the right seats, with a common culture of excellence in serving our clients.

What is the most challenging aspect of managing your team?

Communicating the vision of where we are headed, and shepherding our employees who have been with us the longest through significant growth from a practice, to a partnership, to now a firm model.

How may people do you plan to hire this year?


  • A second CFA/Portfolio Manager
  • A Specialist role to fill out our retirement plan area