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Editors’ Choice: Why These Articles Were Great!


Editors' Choice: Why These Articles Were Great!

Good morning and welcome to Sunday!  Here’s our NINE choices for what we thought was great this past week.  Take a break today, get some rest and come out charging tomorrow for productive week!

Take a minute and read Rachel Stagg’s article on THE Marketing Tip to Help Position Your Advice Business. It’s a quick one, with a super golden nugget.

Carolyn Rosenblatt says that studies tell us that the average advisor has at least 7 clients with some form of cognitive impairment. Check out 3 Things Every Advisor Must Do With Cognitively Impaired Clients and learn what actions to take.

Start Saving Now! At age 27 you will only need to put away $214 a month to reach a goal of $1 million. You don’t even want know how much you have to save a month starting at 57. Brad Sherman gives us Why Patient Investors Come Out on Top.

Feeling stuck, hit a plateau, in a slump? It happens even to achievers. Fortunately, you can do something about it! In When High Achievers Hit A Slump, Christi Hegstad outlines an action plan to get back on track.

In Business Transformation is No Longer Optional, Ian Golding explores the question of why businesses are struggling to transform themselves. And 10 questions they need to answer each year if they want to survive —or die— in today’s world.

Sheri Fitts writes that since day one, Millennials have had a remote control, a microwave, cable, computers … and Fortnite. It’s whole new world, and we have to change the way we market to this generation. Is the financial sector ready for it.? Read When Millennials Encounter the Turtles in Financial Services and learn more. 

How resilient are you when disruptors sweep in like the winds of war? If you’re concerned resilience isn’t your strong suit, don’t be. Nancy Fredericks gives you an assist in How Resilient Are You When Everything Changes in the Blink of an Eye?

Change is perhaps the only constant in life so the better-suited we are at navigating it the happier, successful, more resilient, and content we’ll be in our lives. Dr. Nicole Lipkin outlines a lesson for us in What Good Leaders Do When Change Needs to Happen.

Do you need 5 Ways to PROVE Your Value to Prospects? Of course you do. Click the link to this wonderful Maribeth Kuzmeski gem.

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