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Editors’ Choice: Why These Articles Were Great!


Editors' Choice: Why These Articles Were Great!

Here’s are our choices for what we thought was great this past week.  Check them out and please share them with your network.

We’re off to the Morningstar Conference in Chicago.  If you’re there, stop by and see us in booth 316!

Mindy Diamond writes that We Are on the Verge of Another Wave of Significant Advisor Movement. She takes a look back to how crazy things were 9 years ago in this space. Will we see that craziness again?

Many people will spend years or even their entire life stuck in the quicksand of not-fair-despair, says Karin Hurt. She gives us some clues to overcome this with her post Leading When Life Isn’t Fair.

Marketing is not sales. Marketing is marketing. Matthew Halloran asks you to read this if you’re saying to yourself, okay, if marketing is marketing, what does that mean? 

Ever been to a restaurant and they don’t really have anything they say they do on the menu? Take a look at Rob Jolles article and see how he weaves an everyday experience into a lesson in The Danger Of Mystery Marketing.

In wake of the alleged Facebook leaks, we need to be prepared to protect our personal information more than ever before. Jasmine Sandler gives us some assistance in What You Need to Know About Protecting Your Personal Brand Reputation.

Content Creation appears to be the Number 1 barrier for professionals wanting to use digital marketing tactics. Are you having the same issue? If so, click on Tony Vidler’s 4 Ways to Crack the Content Creation Conundrum.

Are you Exploring the Dream of Retiring Abroad? Lauren Klein helps you think about it with are just a few helpful questions if you’re considering such a move.

It can take many years before clients come to know you and trust you, and during this time you’ll need to work hard to win them over. See how that can vanish is seconds in 5 Ways to Ruin Your Clients’ Trust in You, by Don Connelly.

What do you believe in? Sheri Fitts has shared her list in Let Me Tell You What I Believe. Is it time to make your own list …

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