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Editors’ Choice: Why These Articles Were Great!


Editors' Choice: Why These Articles Were Great!

The following articles were what we thought were great this past week.  Please give them a read and as always, be social!

In The Rise Of Business Bullsh*t and How We Can Fight It, Paul Taylor provides some truth serum to us all who love and use all of the current buzz words of business and then gives us four tactics that may reduce all of the bullsh*t.

Bryce Sanders writes that it’s human nature to believe the stock market can’t go up forever. But when clients have money sitting on the sidelines what are you supposed to do? Check out When Clients Feel They Missed the Move and get some super ideas.

Paul Bates shares a personal story in It All Comes Down to Trust. Find out why a major surgery caused him to think about how people put their trust in a fiduciary in much the same way.

Advisors often worry that independence means isolation. Is it possible to be independent but still be part of a community? For those who are thinking about going independent, listen to Mindy Diamond’s podcast and maybe realize that Advisor Independence Does Not Mean Isolation.

Jeans ripped at the knees. They now seem to be everywhere but give it a few years and they will be all gone. Just like MarTech. Agree or not, give Timothy Hughes’ article MarTech Will Be Just Like a Pair of Ripped Jeans and decide where you stand.

Social Media has become the place for letting all ideas and critiques rip without sometimes taking two seconds to think before hitting enter. Ted Rubin has a different idea. In Think Twice and Be Nice: Letting Little Things Go, his philosophy is praise in public—criticize in private. What a nice thought.

Did you know that managers used more positive words to describe men in performance reviews and more negative words to describe women? Surprised? Read more from Shirley Engelmeier in Study: Managers Use More Negative Words to Describe Women.

“If we can get to a C‑Level executive early in the sales cycle, we can gain powerful direct sponsorship that will overcome other internal obstacles.” Well, that’s a sales myth. David Robinson provides 4 more in 5 Myths About Selling to the C-Level.

Imagine that you’re looking at a coin…one side is worry and the other side is confidence. Why is worrying so addictive to us humans? Read Mark David’s short piece, Why Worrying Is so Addictive to Us Humans … and How to Combat It and learn to take a deep breath of confidence. 

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