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Editors’ Choice: Why These Articles Were Great!


Editors' Choice: Why These Articles Were Great!

Happy July 1st! Here are the articles we thought were great this past week.  Please give them a read and as always, be social!

In It’s Not About Who You Know; It’s About Who Knows You, Anat Baron gives us some pointers on how we can help each other better when providing referrals and recommendations.

When we’re investing, the problem is crafting certainty out of uncertainty comes with a very high price tag. James E. Wilson tells us more in If You Want Certainty, You’ll Pay Dearly

Tony Vidler writes that Advisers frequently settle for being average, and it is definitely not because they want to be average, but because they don’t really know what it takes to elevate their performance exponentially. Read more in Why Advisors Settle for Average.

Lilah Koski‘s research shows that American consumers are looking for more integration in their financial lives. But to what extent? In Amazon and JPMorgan Chase: Americans’ Friend or Foe?, she looks at two mega-brands and the potential future of finance.

We all want referrals. ‘Who do you know?’ has always been the staple of the ask. Rob Jolles says that can still work, if you take it a step farther. Learn more in When “Who Do You Know?” Actually Works.

Roy Osing can’t recall EVER being rewarded for a miscue; it wasn’t — and still isn’t — the acceptable thing to do. But he believes mistakes are a good thing. Check out how to succeed in Mistakes Are an Opportunity to Turn Failures into an Epic Wins.

In The Silent Crime: Shoplifting’s Surprising Statistics, Rick Kahler looks at shoplifting and tells us why this “silent crime,” deserves more attention than it receives.

This One Word Can Make Your Life Amazing … or Roadkill. One word! Find out what it is in Cat Lam’s article about your potential future.

Do you know The Best Time to Trade-In or Sell Your Car? Let Dennis Miller give you some help.

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