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Editors’ Choice: Why These Articles Were Great!


Here are the articles we thought were great this past week.  Please give them a read and as always, be social!

Not every business is slated to become the next Uber or Airbnb, but many companies could sacrifice a great campaign trying, suggests Julie Goodman. She explains Why Disruption Doesn’t Happen Overnight in this week’s article.

Nancy Fredericks asks, “As a woman, how do you feel when almost every day the news proclaims yet another man has publicly tumbled from his position due to his alleged ill-treatment of women?” Check out her post titled Women, Is This What We Want?.

The chief reason clients fire their advisors is not, as you may have thought, poor performance … Don Connelly tells us what it is and what to do about it in The Number One Reason Advisors Get Fired.

Have you ever thought about creating your own confidence index? Julie Littlechild gives us a path to doing just that in how to Help Clients Fully Understand and Appreciate Their Progress.

Fishing fascinates Rob Jolles. Not that he really likes to fish. But, he  learned a very valuable lesson from a fisherman. Check out Define Success by Your Goals, Not the Goals of Others and learn more.

Do you ever feel financial advisors speak a different language? Read and listen in to Chad Smith and get to Decoding the 10 Most Common Financial Acronyms.

Your website is so much more than the outward appearance of your brand online. Ryan Russell tells us Why Good Design Matters for Your Advisor Business.

If you are a retired person, whose children have moved away, you may have extra space in your home that you would like to put to better use. Kimberly Howard outlines for us what a number of people are now doing in How to Spend Retirement as an Airbnb Host.

LaRae Quy simply tells us What To Do When You Think Your Life Sucks.

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