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Editors’ Choice: Why These Articles Were Great!


Read on! These are the articles we thought were great this past week.  Connect with the authors if you have a comment and please be social with these gems!

For the past few years in the advisory space, the conversation surrounding the “next big thing” has been centered on two major topics: technology and millennials. Hang on here, Kelly Frost asks Is the Future for Advisors Really a Step Back?

James E. Wilson states that the entire idea that investors have a certain tolerance or “appetite” for risk is flawed. Read more in Why Risk Tolerance is a Flawed Concept.

We’re well into a promising new era of hedge fund marketing that began when the SEC ended an 80-year-old ban in 2013 that prevented private funds from broadly advertising their services. Andrew Broadhead gives us more in Welcoming the New Era of Hedge Fund Marketing.

Why Professionals Consistently Struggle to Get Referrals is the title of Tony Vidler’s piece. He claims that advisors are not systematic in their approach to the problem and gives you areas to improve.

Ever wonder How to Keep Your Spouse out of Trouble? This may not be what you think. Laura Roser explains.

How do you build a relationship with a client who is much older than you are? The flip answer is, “The same way you build a relationship with anybody! Seriously, Andrew Sobel gives us an outline in How to Build Relationships With Older Prospects.

Attention! Your Inbox Is NOT Your Friend. Start the day differently to change everything. Stewart Bell explains.

There are few things that can take the wind out of your sails, challenge your faith, and slap you with so-called reality more than a negative test result. Dr. Charles Glassman offers Six Ways to Remain Positive When There’s Bad News.

America loves their pets. And if you have a pet in your life, you more than likely consider him or her to be nothing short than a member of your family. Kimberly J. Howard gives us How to Save Money on Pet Care Costs.

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