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Editors’ Choice: Why These Articles Were Great!


Here’s the ‘Great’ list for the week. Check out some spectacular articles and share them with friends!

Matthew R. Crow asks Does the Money Management Industry Need Consolidation? A super read about our industry’s similarities to the automobile industry.

Charles Goldman claims that you must continue to find ways to provide additional value that your clients experience when they engage with you. He also gives you 3 Ways to Grow Smart in a Fee-Conscious World.

Ray Gauthier is new to Real Estate investing. He gives us all some guidance in 5 Things I’ve Learned Being a Real Estate Investor.

Monika D’Agostino’s son always wanted to be a an International Beer-Brew Master and open his own Brewery. He succeeded and learn a lot about the camaraderie of fellow brewers. She wonders why this isn’t practiced on others industries. Read What We Can All Learn From the Beer Brewers of the World.

How much have you learned since your 20th birthday? Do you remember your 20th birthday? In Here’s What You Can Control When It Comes to Success, Gina Schreck gives us 4 things you can do to get you kicking to outwork and outlearn the rest.

Shep Hyken was having a steak dinner and his snippy server spawned this little gem, A Problem Is an Opportunity to Show How Good You Are.

Listen to Matt Halloran and Robyn Pollack discuss a serious issue in Financial Services, Combating the Lack of Diversity in the Financial Sector.

What did you think when you heard IHOP was becoming IHOB. Yep. Joseph Michelli talks about this year’s New Coke in What We Can All Learn From IHOP’s Short-Lived Journey to Burgers.

Finally, Anat Baron gives us something real in If You Want Someone’s Time, Take 2 Minutes to Prepare.

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