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Editors’ Choice: Why These Articles Were Great!


Check out the articles we thought were great this week!

Stewart Bell wonders which comes first, the expertise or the question? Leads are everything in any business. Watch his short video in 3 Great Questions for Getting Great Leads and learn more.

In 4 Reasons Self Fulfillment Will Make You StrongLaRae Quy share with us a fascinating story, from her days in the FBI, when they turned a Russian diplomat. See how it relates to being fulfilled for all of us.

Dennis Stack says that the advent of the Robo-Advisor has commoditized an important aspect of the transactional advisors’ value. Read on about what he claims is a new era in the Financial Advisory Industry in The Emergence of the Transformational Advisor.

Colorado Springs. Portland. SanDiego. Honolulu. Desirable? A new survey says so. Should you pack up your family, move them, and buy a home.  You may want to hold on and read Harry Dent’s The Most Desirable Cities in America … Should You Be a Buyer? first.

Tony Vidler says Advisers often struggle to articulate their point of difference, yet they usually can easily express well thought out beliefs and philosophies about money and planning. He gives us a gift in Why Your Philosophy MIGHT Be Your Real Point of Difference.

Elizabeth Harr talks to clients every day and hears a lot of confusion and anxiety around the concept of differentiation. She writes an excellent article in Winning in a Congested Marketplace.

Musician Phil Collins noted:“In learning you will teach, and in teaching you will learn.” In Joseph Michelli’s Listening to Others and to YOU he nicely gives context to the question of what do you wish you knew earlier in your life?

Could iPhone Replace Passports to Be Proof of Identity? Christopher Versace gives us a look at the potential future.

Rob Jolles asks what’s wrong with Business Models? In The Rise And Fall Of Business Models he claims that it’s not our Business Models that typically fail us. It’s the implementation of them.

What’s New With the Home Office Tax Deduction? Matthew Wheeler gives us a peek.

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