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Editors’ Choice: Why These Articles Were Great!


Here are the articles we though we special this week! Enjoy and please share them with others.

1. LaRae Quy says that when she looks back over her early career, she wishes she’d taken more risks. How about you? Read her wonderful article Take A Risk! The Odds Might Be Better Than You Think, and immediately go for a long walk. 

2. Adam Gray gives us The Secret of Creating Content. In this worthwhile article he shares the barrier that people MUST overcome if they want to be able to access the true power of social media.

3. Why do women sometimes feel uncomfortable about shaking hands, is the question Barbara Patcher asks. It’s a new world of contact and she gives us some great pointers to move forward in Do You Now Feel Uncomfortable About Shaking Hands?

4. Sam X. Renick has been doing some great interviews for us with the purpose of educating our youth on the ways of money. In Kids, Money, Going Beyond Broke and a Burrito, he shares with us a fascinating interview with the founder of Millennial Money, Grant Sabatier.

5. Chris Skinner states that for all the negative views of technology, the positive is that it is enabling and inclusive. Agree? Check out Technology Is Improving the World, Not Destroying It and gain a wider view.

6. Investors can easily find reasons to get out of the market and hide every single day. This is what the media has done to the world. Read James E. Wilson’s post Every Day Brings a Reason for Investors to Hide and get the takeaway.

7. Mindy Diamond gives those who are are considering a move six potential pitfalls to pay attention to in The 6 Common Mistakes Advisors Make During a Move.

8. Referral reluctance? Stephen Wershing explains what it is and what to do about it in How to Handle Referrals Outside Your Target Market.

9. Grace Stearns takes a look at the marketing campaigns that stole the show in summer movies. Read what we can learn from these summer blockbusters in The Best 2018 Summer Movie Marketing Campaigns.

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