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Editors’ Choice: Why These Articles Were Great!


What was great this week! Read and discover.

Don Trone writes 5 Reasons Why TSA Is Better Qualified to Administer a Fiduciary Standard. He says he’s being facetious. We’re not so sure.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Islamic Republic of Iran do not like each other. Al Emid is immersed in what’s going on in the Middle East. Find out what’s up in The Middle East … Saber-Rattling: Yes. War: No.

Big tobacco has always been ahead of the curve, at least from a marketing and advertising standpoint. Bonnie Clark tells us what we can learn from a social media standpoint in Big Tobacco is Lighting It Up on Social Media, You Can Too.

First Vanguard, now Fidelity … who’s next and what does it all mean? Listen to Mark Pearson as he shares his views in The Race to the Bottom and the Impact on Your Investment Outlook.

Teri Rowland writes that some of her friends are pleased with their advisors and some not. Here’s something you can do to be on the positive side of that report. Read Don’t Give Your Clients the Silent Treatment.

What if ‘they’ aren’t the problem, but your response to the problem is the problem? Alli Polin gives us all something to think about in Change Starts With You! Even Though You Wish It Started With Them.

Keeping clients happy is pretty much always at the top of anyone’s list. Bryce Sanders provides eight expressions you should never use and why in 8 Things You Never Want to Say to Clients.

Scott Messer writes a little ditty called: A Request from Prospects to Salespeople. Both fun and serious at the same time.

In The Power is Within When You Let Go, Ayelet Baron writes about how to make space for grace in a life that’s all yours.

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