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Editors’ Choice: Why These Articles Were Great!


Happy Sunday! Check out nine articles from this week we thought we just great!

Do you know The #1 Secret to Tough Conversations? Karin Hurt and David give you a clue to help you in any tough situation.

Can You Say Who Your Most Valuable Clients Are? Tony Vidler writes that there is usually no consideration to the most important criteria of all in discovering that answer. 

Chris Skinner published part of his interview from The Financial Brand to the title of Financial Institutions Aren’t Prepared for the Digital Revolution. Having just attended a roundtable of financial technology companies, I would tend to agree with him.

Achim Nowak says that the lie we tell ourselves is that logical folks like to be moved by logic. Emotional folks like to be moved by emotion. He thanks the folks of Madison Avenue who play to our emotions in Madison Avenue Knows How to Stir Us.

Charles Darwin said, “It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive but those who can best manage change.” Julia C. Carreon parlays that into a great article entitled The #RiseOfGenZ Equals Disruption.

What most of us lack is the ability to create routines to focus and make the best of our natural talents, says Ben Kubassek. He goes further in identifying his top Habits of High Performers.

James Wilson writes that any comment about Kavanaugh, Kaepernick, Pope Francis and President Trump can cause an explosion. He wonders how we got here and What Matters; Because a Lot of Things Don’t.

Is your workforce solid? You may want to pay more attention to all of them. Andrea Schlapia helps you in 13 Signs Someone is About to Quit.

Do you know Where All Your Money Goes? Dr. Tony Pennells tells you.

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