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Editors’ Choice: Why These Articles Were Great!


Sheryl Brown says to be a person of action and to please, be different this week. Read her fabulous post What You Really Need to Be Sharing and get inspired to be social.

Are women a niche market for financial advisors? You be they are. Maribeth Kuzmeski continues in The Secret for Advisors Who Want to Work with Women.

Are you a saver? Listen to Lauryn Williams’ great interview with super saver Jonathan Weislow in Work Hard, Save Harder: Could You Save 60 Percent of Everything You Make?

Ted Rubin has a personal experience in real moments and how and why they should translate to your business. Read “Moments” Marketing and Why It Matters.

If you’re not blogging you’re not current. Julie Goodman will give you a jump start with The “How to Write a Blog” Blog.

Matt Halloran sits down with Eric Gaddy and discusses his new book in What Are You Waiting For? Retire Early!

Heather Myklegard loves social media because it allows me to connect with people I otherwise wouldn’t. But there the other side as well. Find out in The Love/Hate Relationship With Social Media.

It’s coming! Halloween! Thanksgiving! Christmas! Mark David helps you prepare with his article, How to Stay Centered and Enjoy the Holiday Season.

Roy Osing asks What if this was you last day at work? Or dinner with your family? Or holiday to your favourite place? Ponder his post, You Never Know If This Is the Last Anything, But If You Did What Would You Do? and reflect.

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