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Editors’ Choice: Why These Articles Were Great!


Please check out our choices for what was interesting and great this past week!

1. Did You Know A Single Thought Can Destroy A Career? Nancy Fredericks sees the harm a single thought breeds. Check in with her and understand more.

2. Larissa Marcontell Sonnen says Advisors should service themselves with the same care and consistency as they give their clients with an internal review of their technology infrastructure and back office. Read 5 Questions to Ask About Your Technology Infrastructure and discover more.

3. Having issues discovering the benefits of content marketing. Blair Kelley gives you an assist in Try These 4 Tips for Blog ROI.

4. Want to be a better leader? Lewis Robinson tells us there’s more to it than you might think. Improve yourself with Top 6 Reasons Why Physical Fitness Can Make You a Better Leader.

5. Julian Bush gives us all some pointers in How to Stay “Front of Mind” With Referral Partners.

6. While a retirement shortfall isn’t news, few people recognize it does not affect everyone equally. Royal Stanley provides us an interesting read with Women and the Retirement Crisis.

7. David Peck says, When to Be Hands-On, When to Be Hands-Off is one of the most meaningful skills a leader can master.

8. Want to keep your content gated? Don’t want to share it as widely as possible. Phil Stubbs wants to know Are You Frightened or Ill Prepared for Success?

9. Achim Nowak longs to connect with people. He asks, Why Not Make Every Greeting a Vigorous One?

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