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Editors’ Choice: Why These Articles Were Great!


Here are 10 Surprising Sales Stats You Don’t Know About Prospecting, from Adam Honig!

Brett Davidson asks Are You Ready for the Future of Financial Planning? He gives us a few thoughts on what’s happening out there.

With more than 310,000 “financial advisors” in the U.S., why is it so hard to find good advice? James E. Wilson asks if we have a problem with Fake Advisors and Real Investors.

We are so busy reacting to life people realize they have become addicted to that story. Mark David gives you some help in How to Break the ‘I Just Don’t Have the Time’ Addiction.

When You Point A Finger At Your Boss, Three Are Pointing Right Back At You, writes Nancy Fredericks.

Mary Beth Storjohann writes Why Should You Have Multiple Income Streams and where to start your search. 

By now pretty much everyone has the mantra that people do business with people that they Know, Like or Trust? Where Do You Start? Tony Vidler gives us some guidance on the start part.

David Peck states that we spend most of our days at work solving problems. In Happy Problems: Are You a Starter, Builder, Fixer, or Runner? you can decide what you are and charge forward.

Sales. Scott Birch says that A Closing Problem Is Really an Opening Problem.

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