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Editors’ Choice: Why These Articles Were Great!


What does relevance mean? If you don’t know you’d better discover it quick. Rachel Staggs claims Relevance Will Be Your #1 Marketing Weapon.

Patience is required while building a venture. Besides that, Tanyi Melvis Bechamnyo shares the 10 Biggest Mistakes Small Business Owners Make.

How many levels of client relations potential do you hit? Andrew Sobel gives us the keys to all of them in Have You Captured all 3 Levels of Client Relationship Potential?

Rick Kahler points out a big problem in With an Increase in Demand, There Are Far Too Few Financial Planners.

Paul Taylor gives us something he claims may be more important than innovation in 9 Ways To Unlock Creativity In Your Organization

More influence isn’t always about what you say. Then what is it? David Dye shares the answer in One Easy Way to Have More Influence.

Are there times that you want to quit? Tired? Stressed? Discouraged? Don Connelly says to Remember Why You Got in This Business.

Stewart Bell states that if your proposition to clients is “I’m an Expert” It’s No Longer a Valuable Proposition.

Finally, Achim Nowak shares that there are 4 Reasons Why You May Wanna Shut Up.

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