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Editors’ Choice: Why These Articles Were Great!


Editors' Choice: Why These Articles Were Great!

Welcome to Spring!  Here’s a rundown of the articles that we thought were great!  Take a look, maybe take the time to engage with the author, and as always — be social!

Julie Littlechild asks, “If we know what we want and how to get there, then we just need to focus on taking action, right?” So why don’t we ‘Just Do it’? It’s really not that easy as she explains in The Uncomfortable Truth About Success.

Good and bad experiences handled the right way make social customer care far more important than basic customer service. Shep Hyken tells us How to Turn Social Media Customer Service Into a Marketing Strategy.

Do you have clients you dread doing business with? Maybe it’s time for a little spring cleaning. Don Connelly shares with us How to Know When It’s Time to Let Go of a Client.

Being overwhelmed or feeling like we have too many projects to turn out in too little time is something all leaders confront. So what should we do when we are faced with a heavy workload? Terri Klass gives us a list of what NOT to do in The Worst Thing Leaders Can Do in Times of Anxiety.

Deborah Goldstein says self-awareness is a life-long journey, a constant challenge, and an ever-changing state of being. She’s on a big self-awareness kick lately. Join in with How to Use Self-Awareness To Live In The Present.

Did you know your listeners may be interrupting you because you take too long to get to the point or because you never pause to let them get a word in edgewise. Interesting huh? Maybe it’s on you. Read 5 Actions to Eliminate Interruptions and discover what Stacey Hanke is talking about.

Retiring on a million dollars. The idea may evoke images of lavish retirement homes or luxurious travel. Rick Kahler takes a closer look at what this really means in The Reality of a Million-Dollar Retirement.

Estate planning traditionally focuses on your financial assets. But there’s more to you than your physical wealth. What about your wisdom, beliefs, values, important family traditions, and stories? Laura Roser explores these things and more in Beyond Material Possessions: Passing on the Best Parts of Yourself.

Roy Osing asks, Will Standout Leaders Ever Rule the World? We have taught people to “follow the leader” their whole life. Perhaps one day that will change and organizations will possess creative and serving leaders who inspire imagination.

Like you need 3 Reasons to Call Everyone and Ask For Business, but just in case you do, Bryce Sanders is here to give you guidance and remind you why.

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