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Editors’ Choice: Why These Articles Were Great!


Maribeth Kuzmeski asks Are You Lost in a Sea of Average Marketing Messages? In this industry, it’s a very good question.

Sonya Dreizler gives us Top 4 Themes in Impact Investing Right Now.

Men rule the world……or so it seems when the lion’s share of men sit in the executive suite across America. Jan Molino says it takes a sponsor to support and guide you career. So, What’s in a Male Champion?

The millennial generation is already one of the biggest-spending demographics in the country. Alexandra Levis takes A Closer Look: Connecting with Millennials.

What’s The Most Effective Way to Influence OthersNancy Fredericks tells us.

Are your people talking too much. Have you gone tone deaf. Careful. Karin Hurt outlines the potential problem with this in The Cost of Ignoring Your Emerging Leader’s Ideas.

Do you realize what Dominos has done to change the fast food industry from the get go? Better pay attention to them again. Shep Hyken tells us why and what we can learn in Even a Pizza Company Recognizes the Necessity to Reinvent Its Processes.

What If Magic Was Part Of Your Strategy? Seriously!? Read Rochelle Mouton’s article and imagine.

Matt Halloran and Dave Crenshaw help you Become the Master of Your Own Time.

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