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Editors’ Choice: Why These Articles Were Great!


Tony Vidler finally has worked it out after years of wondering why a “Practice” is called a “Practice”. Check it out in 10 Reasons Why an Advisory Practice Just Stays “Practicing”.

There are 5 Costly Mistakes Financial Advisors Can’t Afford to Make in 2019. Maria Marsala enlightens us.

People trust recommendations from people they know. There are 11 Best Practices for Gathering Referrals. Don Connelly gives them to you.

Ever though about Turning Your Workforce Into ProfitNancy Fredericks tells you how.

Carol Marak says there are 4 Questions to Ask Before Buying Long-Term Care Insurance. Your clients may want to know them.

We find ourselves more interesting than anyone else. Bill Bachrach says this is a big no no when prospecting. Learn more in How to Talk to a Prospect for the First Time.

Stephen Wershing says manufactured, mass distributed content suffers from a host of inherent fatal flaws. Read Why Custom Content Is So Important to Your Marketing and decide for yourself.

Listen to Royal Standley as he gives us The Most-Asked Questions of a Financial Advisor.

Everyone invested in the stock market over the past few months knows what risk feels like. Are you uneasy? James E. Wilson writes How To Reverse Your Risk.

Carolyn Rosenblatt asks if any of your older clients have a problem with alcohol or addiction. In, Your Aging Clients’ Darkest Secrets: Addiction and Substance Abuse, she tells why this should matter to you.

Finally Rob Jolles tells us What to Do When You Do NOT Make the Sale.

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