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Editors’ Choice: Why These Articles Were Great!


Forget about thought leadership? Find out How Ordinary Professionals Can Become Visible Experts. Aaron Taylor tells you all about it. Humm …

Nicole Leong asks if you’re boring your audience? Chances are that you are. She writes an extensive article to help you out in Don’t Be Boring: How to Create Financial Services Content People Want to Read.

Neil Wood tells why he talks with women about investing for their future. Read The Powerful Surge of Women, Purchasing Power and Investing, and discover more.

Imagine If We Were Really 100% Honest With Clients. Would that be a great thing? Tony Vidler tells you.

To Rob Jolles, there’s nothing like watching a good fight. Find out what the fight game and sales have to do with each other in The Championship Rounds: What Separates You from the Competition.

Ted Rubin says EMPATHY for your CONSUMER will always result in a better, more effective marketing plan. Read more in Want To Reach New Clients? Think Like One!

What Does It Take to Gain Trust in the Financial Industry? Michael Kay gives us some clues.

Adri Miller-Heckman writes that if you have been on the fence about focusing on women perhaps this will light a fire under your assets. Check out Oscar and Super Bowl Adds Financial Advisors Need to Watch. They’re great BTW.

Chris Skinner wonders When Will Amazon Launch Its Bank? He’s serious.

Lewis Robinson give us something we all need in 6 Tips for Staying on Top of Your Business’ Finances.

And, Doing the Right Thing Is a Habit Worth Mastering. Shep Hyken writes another great one.

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