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Editors’ Choice: Why These Articles Were Great!


LaRae Quy gives us a fabulous article in This Is How You Can Tackle Big Scary Goals.

Johnny Sanquist says not to approach marketing with a field of dreams mentality. Read more in The Biggest Mistake Financial Advisors Make in Marketing.

You have ten seconds or less to engage a prospective client and establish credibility. Go! Or read this first from Stephen Wershing, Learn How to Introduce Yourself to a New Client from a Hostage Negotiator.

Lauren Klein is continually amazed by the mixed messages that investors are hit with daily. She also wants to know if we Are We Ready to Stop ‘Mansplaining’ Investing?

Can you imagine your world without your iPhone, Alexa or Siri? What’s next. Paul Matthews gives us a peek in The Future of Voice Recognition.

When the right people, processes, and metrics come together, they can innovate, inspire. Lewis Robinson gives us The Difference Between Wild Success and Struggling to Continue.

Don’t Wait for the Storm to Pass, Learn to Dance in the Rain. Reinvent yourself with Ted Rubin.

Is your LinkedIn presence is both professional and memorable? Gabriella Schilling has 5 Tips to Creating a Memorable LinkedIn Presence.

Dr. Brandi Baldwin-Rana says Millennials Killed Payless: Who’s Next? Do you agree?

5 Reasons Why the Most Popular Things Are Wrong. Roy Osing delivers again.

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