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Editors’ Choice: Why These Articles Were Great!


IRIS Great Articles

Everyone is after the good advice clients …or are they? Maybe not. Read Tony Vidler’s Not All Consumers Make Good Advice Clients.

There is so much angst in the financial world when we say women are “different”? Paulette Filion and Judy Paradi say that Advisors Who “Get Women” Will Eat Your Lunch.

Are you wondering where your niche could come from? Maria Marsala gives you some clues in Finding Your Niche in Two Steps.

Does there come a time When to Stop Investing in Prospects? Don Linder says there is and tells you when that might be.

Stephen Kanaval takes an opposing viewpoint from most in Why Investors Should Be Suspicious of AI and Cannabis.

What time is it? It’s crunch time! Sandra Powers Murphy suggests you get busy in Spring Ahead in Marketing While You Still Have Time.

Doom and gloom? Check out George Prior’s China’s Looming Current Account Deficit Will Have Consequences for Us All.

Special, quirky, remarkable, weird, different, unmatchable, distinguished and brave. Traits that Roy Osing says are in What Do People Who Are “Not Like the Others” Do?

Rochelle Moulton reminds us that our ideas are worthy in How To Earn More Cake (And Fewer Crumbs) With Authority.

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