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Editors’ Choice: Why These Articles Were Great!


Editors' Choice: Why These Articles Were Great!

Welcome to another Sunday, as well as our picks for what was great this past week. Kick back, click on the link … and as always, be social!

Sheryl Brown states that there are few words in financial services like “innovation” to make the majority of us cringe. And guess what? You’ll have to read Are You Sick of Hearing the Word “Innovation” Yet? to find out more!

Are your peak earning years 40-55? Mark David asks us not to look back, and realize you didn’t know what needed to be done. Check out more wisdom in Don’t Leave Your Future Open to Chance!

The worst buyers are those who lead you on but not in. Alan Weiss gives us a good bit of reality in Stop Wasting Good Time on Bad Prospects.

When someone asks you a direct question about something potentially embarrassing, is it best to tell the truth or better to withhold information? In Why You Wanna Tell The Truth, Achim Nowak says we yearn for folks who’re telling the truth, even if the truth isn’t pretty.

Investment fees matter. They can make a huge difference to your financial health and outcome in the long run. Before you invest, Rick Kahler has outlined 6 Types of Investment Fees You Need to Uncover.

Questions are a remarkable way to grow confidence in children. Great questions work because they cause children to stop and think. Karin Hurt and David Dye give us 19 Powerful Questions to Grow Confidence in Children to tap into their natural curiosity to help build their confidence and leadership skills.

While it’s called social media, it’s also a place for sharing: ideas, recommendations, feelings, and life transitions. If you are building a platform for yourself—to sell books or get a job—the best thing you can do to get traction is to add value. Anat Baron shares more in Social Media Isn’t About You.

Imagine how quickly we’d achieve our goals if more of the things we really need to do were automatic? I’m a big fan of developing new habits. Julie Littlechild gives us a wonderful litte ditty in How to Create an ‘Instant Habit’. Great!

Chris Ruisi reminds us that as leaders Your People Are Watching You. Always.

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