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Editors’ Choice: Why These Articles Were Great!


Editors’ Choice: Why These Articles Were Great!

Rob Isbitts wants to know why the rate cut? And why now?. He expands on the effects of that in NOW It’s A Bear Market.

How to Kill Dumb Rules and Amaze Your Clients. A must read for all business owners by Roy Osing.

Do investors currently have more on their minds than just standing pat? Find out in Catherine McBreen’s More Investors Plan Strategic Investment Changes.

Tai-Chin Tung says private lending is a conversation worth having with your clients. Find out how to in Private Lending: Helping Clients to Become Their Own Banks.

How long should you spend on an idea? This may be more complicated than you think. Learn more in How To Kill Ideas, by Paul Taylor.

Bryce Sanders gives us Four Ways to Get a Reluctant Prospect to Commit

Female investors have ascended despite all of the disadvantages. Read Julie Goodman’s What History Reveals About Women Who Played the Market.

How I Got Him Fired; Then Built a Successful Career in Financial Services — a fascinating, true story by Adri-Miller Hackman.

Finally Machen McDonald tells us How to Integrate Your Greatness. Go for it.

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