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Editor’s Choice: Why These Articles Were Great!


Why There Were Great!

Rob Isbitts provides The Story Behind 2019’s Historically Deceptive Stock Market Performance. Don’t get deceived, get informed.

Energize your fall with Don Connelly’s 4 Key Strategies to Elevate Your Financial Advisory Practice.

There are 10 Characteristics That Influence the Valuation of a Wealth Management FirmChris Mercer helps you build the value of your firm.

Is the market ready to blow? Read Harry Dent’s A History Lesson For Pundits Who Don’t Believe Stocks Are Overvalued.

Dan Roarty gives us a nice view about the often misunderstood world of sustainable investing in Does Sustainable Investing Constrain a Portfolio?

Want great ideas? Karin Hurt tells us to listen first in How to Help Your Team Bring You Better Ideas.

What can one learn from a newspaper delivery guy? Paul Kingsman explains in Take Pride in the Details … Even When No One Sees What You’re Doing.

The future of home buying is here. Stephen McBride explains in No More Realtors: These Start-ups Will Buy Your House in Less than 20 Days.

A great reminder: Words Are Cheap. Actions Tell the Truth. Thanks Mark David.

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