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Editor’s Choice: Why These Articles Were Great!


Editor’s Choice: Why These Articles Were Great!

Last week, we saw textbook proof of the connection between politics, geopolitics and market volatility as investors reacted to the headlines. Al Emid writes more in The Political Nightmare and Your Investments.

Rachel Staggs says that marketing a financial advice business is about positioning change because at the end of the day that’s what advisors are going to help their clients achieve; change. She gifts you 11 Ways to Improve Your Value.

How Advisors Can Make LinkedIn Matter In Marketing. Tony Vidler outlines more in this super useful tool.

Michael Kay writes a fantastic article about what can clients do to avoid living out the rest of their life without purpose? Enjoy and learn from Why You Need To Keep Buying Green Bananas.

Maria Marsala wonders why don’t advisors, who help their clients plan, create a plan themselves? She gives you a way to Launch Yourself Into the Next Decade With a Strategic Plan.

Michael Rivas highlights what it is that both women and men do well when it comes to money. Read more in What Women and Men Get Right About Investing.

Ted Rubin says too much automation leads to sloppy marketing. Check out Too Many Marketing Tools Create Sloppy Work … and Too Few Brands Seem to Care.

Want to know why the word NO is so valuable? Nancy Fredericks tells you in Two Brilliant Reasons To Embrace “No” … Along With About a Zillion Others.

Do you know How the Media Hijacked Your Mind in September? Jay Mooreland enlightens you.

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