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Editors’ Choice: Why These Articles Were Great!


Editors' Choice: Why These Articles Were Great!

Take a look and see what we thought was great this past week. Enjoy your Sunday … and please be social with your choices!

It’s wedding season! Many goals and dreams will be set. And as Michael Kay says maybe the biggest goal is to arrive at the end of the process without going broke. Read on as he passes out ideas in How to Get Married Without Going Broke.

Sheri Fitts has heard stories of disgruntled employees who are pink-slipped after committing some social media sin deemed unacceptable by their powers that be. This doesn’t have to be. Read her post Get Clear on the Rules of Your Social Media Policies and feel a bit safer out there.

Do Your Clients Really Know HOW to Refer You to Others? Ideally they would mention some aspects of what makes you different or at least describe the aspect of your advice that had the most significant effect on their lives. Stephen Wershing wishes that were the case. 

Although Bob McIntosh considers it his mission to recruit people to join LinkedIn, he talks about the other side in 8 Reasons Why LinkedIn May Not Be for You.

Shirley Engelmeier writes that perspectives, comments, even comedy, that was once considered “okay” (whether or not it should ever have been considered okay…) change over time. Check out her post about the Simpsons in Apu Nahasapeemapetilon: Just One Example of Pop Culture Bias.

Will You Run Out of Money? Could be the quesiton we all ask at one point or another. James E. Wilson gives us an idea of what is in our control for the future.

If you haven’t heard, content marketing is everything. So, why atomise your content? Because atoms make up everything! Sophie Brown tells us more in How to Atomize Content in Financial Services.

Is Your Behavior Hurting Business?  Etiquette helps us to know how to act and behave, and manners demonstrate how to treat others. Arden Clise writes an article that could have some taking a good look in the mirror.

In How Do You Manage Your Digital Death?, Chris Skinner wonders about a lot more than who gets his Batman and Spiderman comics!

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