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Editor’s Choice: Why These Articles Were Great!



Talk about the outcomes you create for clients, rather than talking jargon. Tony Vidler tells you How to Give Yourself a Better Chance of Having Prospects Engage You.

Impeachment And Your Retirement. Rob Isbitts tell you why they’re related and what it all means.

Has the cancel culture gone too far? Shirley Engelmeier asks How Long Ago is Long Enough? Or, Is the Answer “Never”?

Stewart Bell writes that time is one of the things we’re often lied to about. Truth is that time is made. Read more in The 3 Steps to Rapid Progress.

Think about every organized effort you make on behalf of your business and question yourself. Rochelle Moulton reminds us that Your Authority Is Only As Good As Your Systems.

Make the most of the time left this year by implementing major structural improvements to your business now. Paul Kingsman says that This Should be Your Single Q4 Project.

Do Customers Really Want to Be in Control? Annette Franz says there is only in one way they should be.

Why do we find it so easy to forget what ticks us off as consumers when we design our marketing? Ted Rubin says to Start Thinking More Like a Customer and Less Like a Marketer.

Tracey Grove gives you The Power of Awe.

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