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Editor’s Choice: Why These Articles Were Great!


Why These Articles Were Great!

Is it easier to take out a mortgage than it is to invest in private equity?  Frank Holmes thinks so. Check out The Barriers to Investing in Private Equity Are Too High and and further your own view.

Avi Gilburt says that We Should See New All-Time Highs by Year End. He continues on to say that it may be not what we expect.

Brett Schutte says that he can’t recall political “happenings” carrying so much weight in daily market movements. His views on the market’s future are in The Peak of Trade War and Political Uncertainty.

Will buyers soon flood the housing market? Stephen McBride thinks so. The ‘why’ is in The Biggest Housing Boom in History Has Just Begun.

Rick Kahler give us 5 Common Embezzlement Characteristics to Watch Out For.

Finish this sentence: “Once a customer agrees to a deal, and they have signed their name on the line that is dotted, you ___ !” Rob Jolles fills it in for you in The Forgotten Step In Closing.

Philip Chao gives a fascinating account of our current relationship with China in The Middle Kingdom and the Parallel Universe.

Elizabeth Stincelli says there are 5 Myths that Cause Women to Compete.

When things aren’t going the way you hope, do you give up? Sam Legaspi gives you some fuel in The Sand Trap of Life: Dealing With Bad Situations.

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