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Editor’s Choice: Why These Articles Were Great!


Why These Articles Were Great!

Jennifer Goldman asks Can Advisors Rise out of the Dangerous Middle? She outlines who isn’t coming out on top and why?

Capitalism, at least the free market version, can’t work without competition. John Mauldin argues that in our current state, Americans Are Not “Free to Choose” Anymore.

Do Investors Who Stay in Their Seat Do Better? Both David Booth and James Wilson say that if you can’t your financial life will suffer.

Shirley Engelmeier writes that there remains a prominent lack of diversity in many of the most influential levels of those fields. Check out Pageants and Politics: A Contrast in Diversity and learn more.

Is Rivian Growing into Serious Competition for Tesla? If you haven’t heard of this company of the future Stephen L Kanaval helps you discover it.

Do Users Really Care About Their Data? Chris Skinner says if you have zero privacy of your data and you get nothing back, it’s data abuse. This is becoming a bigger and bigger deal.

Is the Financial Coach the Future Financial Advisor? Paula Harris writes that advisors need to evolve their practices to help clients understand the ‘why’.

Maribeth Kuzmeski says the common myth about referrals is that clients tell their advisors they don’t know anyone. Not so fast … as she gives a great idea in How Advisors Can Onboard Referrals.

Let’s continue onward in 2020 with The Most Important Question You’ll Ever Have to Answer, by Stan Mann.

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