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Editors’ Choice: Why These Articles Were Great!


Editors' Choice: Why These Articles Were Great!

Happy Sunday!  Here are our choices for what we thought was great this past week.  Have a super holiday weekend.

Jay Mooreland writes that for centuries mankind has been searching for happiness. Regardless of culture, social status or beliefs it seems that we are all connected by our desire to be happy. In If Money Doesn’t Buy Happiness, What Does? he give us 7 potential drivers of happiness and a challenge … if you’re up for it.

Michaela Barker has discovered a completely new thing in business. She calls it a digital meltdown, and it comes as businesses try to evolve into modern adoptors of “digitalness”. If you’re in the midst of one, read What to Do If You’re in a Digital Meltdown and discover your options.

Gives and Gets. Asks and Offers. Anat Baron has been to various women’s events recently where the value is structured around what the participants can do for each other. Is this the evolution of networking. She opines on this and more in Can This “Ask Culture” Be Truly Successful?

How do we relax when circumstances conspire against relaxation? This Is the Relaxation Paradox. Find out why and more importantly how we navigate around it from Achim Nowak.

How To Use Habit To Regulate Your Emotions. Deborah Goldstein writes that if you master the easy tasks through habit and you’ll be activating and regulating the type of brain chemistry that creates true leaders in business.

Scott Krase gives us five questions about our 401k? If you can’t answer them, then you may be looking at The #1 Problem With Your 401k

Employees who serve as a company’s brand evangelists can be nurtured from inside the organization by creating a culture that “lives and breathes the brand” for the benefit of the company. Jessica Fender shares with us six ways on How To Make Employees Your Company Evangelists.

Did you know LinkedIn has deep search capabilities that many users either aren’t aware of or haven’t made full use of yet? Mandy McEwen shares those with us in Three LinkedIn Profile Optimization Tips for Landing Your Dream Client.

Why Small Teams Win. In the early days of Amazon, Jeff Bezos came up with a rule: every team should be small enough that it can be fed with two pizzas. Paul Taylor writes a great one about the value of small teams in change and transformation.

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