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Empowering Advisors to Build Fearless Investors


Riskalyze’s claim is to empower advisors to build fearless investors. Their platform is transforming the industry by empowering investment advisors to capture a quantitative measurement of client risk tolerance, and use that data to win new clients, capture and meet expectations and quantify suitability.

Kyle Van Pelt, Vice President at Riskalyze, stopped by at Charles Schwab’s IMPACT to discuss a number of exciting things on the horizon for Riskalyze and the advisors they serve.

Watch the video to learn: 

  • How Riskalyze helps Advisors
  • Why a Technology Company [in partnership with First Trust] launched 6 new ETFs
  • What is their new feature — Autopilot — and how does that help Advisors
  • What’s on the forefront of technology in 2018 and where is Riskalyse going to focus

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