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If You Don’t Offer Better Technology to Your Clients, You Could Lose Them


We spent some time with James Waldinger, CEO of Artivest, at the recent HighTower Apex conference. Artivest is a FinTech firm that connects a wider audience of suitable investors with investment opportunities in top-quality private equity and hedge funds that are typically available only at institutional minimum investment sizes. 

Click the image to watch and learn:

  • What Artivest has to offer the Advisor community.
  • How they use technology to make investing for Advisor’s clients easier.
  • Why being classified as a FinTech firm is a bit of a misnomer.
  • How and why Artivest can save Advisors a huge amount of time and the need for resources.
  • How to be a financial grown-up.
  • Why it’s time for Advisors to embrace technology before their clients find it elsewhere. 

“Even rocket scientists think investing is rocket science. It’s high time to deliver a wide audience easier, intuitive access to the best that money managers have to offer…and let the best money managers focus on what they do best.” — James Waldinger

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