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Investors Now Expect to Have a Digital Mobile Experience


Wealth Access provides a mobile-first approach with a customizable client portal, comprehensive data aggregation services, and high-touch personalized solutions to help Advisors manage and grow their businesses.

At the Charles Schwab IMPACT Conference, David Benskin stopped by to talk with us about Wealth Access and how his company benefits Advisors. 

Click the image to watch the video and learn more:

  • What Wealth Access specifically does
  • How the speed of Technology has affected the Advisor community
  • How Wealth Access is evolving to meet the needs of clients and advisors
  • How the transformation of wealth is going to affect the advisors business and how technology can help
  • How technology increases the ROI of an advisors business
  • Why Advisors are now becoming more comfortable adopting and integrating techonlogy


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