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It’s the Hard Things That Make Life Better


We were thrilled to get some time with Keynote Kyle Maynard at HighTower Apex 2017 this month in San Francisco. 

Kyle is an entrepreneur, speaker, best selling author, award-winning extreme athlete, and the first man to bearcrawl to the top of the highest mountain in Africa, Mount Kilimanjaro (19,340 feet), and the summit of Argentina’s Mount Aconcagua (22,838 feet), the highest peak in both the Western and Southern Hemispheres.

He was born with a rare condition known as congenital amputation, that left him with arms that end at the elbows and legs that end near his knees. He learned early on to live life independently and without prosthetics. Kyle thrives on physical challenges and is a champion wrestler, CrossFit Certified Instructor and gym owner, competitive Mixed Martial Arts fighter, world record-setting weightlifter, and skilled mountaineer.

He’s on a mission to make the world a better place and to inspire others to do the same by sharing his story and living by example. He travels across continents, speaking to thousands of executives and students, athletes and warriors, to share his “No Excuses” philosophy. He is a humanitarian who passionately supports numerous charities, and commits time and resources to work with wounded and recovering U.S. military veterans.

Kyle is also a New York Times best selling author of his life story, “No Excuses,” and the focus of the moving ESPN documentary, “A Fighting Chance.” His story has been featured in countless television programs and editorials, which have been viewed by millions around the world.

Click the image to watch our interview of Kyle as we cover:

  • When he realized he had the drive to do more with his life.
  • What’s been the hardest thing for him. 
  • His goals for being an entrepreneur. 
  • What’s the next thing he wants to achieve after accomplishing so much.
  • How to dream big.
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