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Most Read IRIS Articles of the Week: August 27-31


1. Finding Opportunities in a Late Market Cycle

The S&P 500 is in the midst of the longest bull market in history, which may have fear-riddled investors hesitant to jump into the capital markets due to being late to the party. However … — Ben Hernandez

2. Why You Should You Be Marketing to Your Existing Clients

Most marketing efforts are aimed at trying to convince strangers to bring their business to you.  New clients are good of course, and are in fact vital for the long term success of a business. — Tony Vidler

3. Climbing the Wall of Worry Among Mid-Year Optimism

Summer has been heating up the news cycle. Trade headlines dominate; midterm elections are impending; interest rates are on the rise; a strong second quarter stokes conversations about peak growth. — Jae Yoon

4. Jackson Hole: Summer Home to Our Central Bankers

The Jackson Hole Federal Reserve Economic Symposium, held last weekend in Wyoming, is the only time of year when U.S. Central Bankers get to loosen their ties, breathe a little fresh air and wax philosophically about monetary policy. But let’s not get too excited—it’s no Burning Man! — SNW Asset Management

5. Were the Events in Q2 Mainly a Growth Scare?

We started the year bullish on global growth, commodities, and emerging markets, and despite challenges in the second quarter, we maintain this view. We think events in Q2 were mainly a growth scare. — Jan van Eck

6. A Conversation with Shirl Penney: What’s Driving the Momentum Towards Independence – And Will it Continue?

An insider’s guide to what it takes to get from here to there in the independent space. — Mindy Diamond

7. How Much Should Your Client Allocate to Private Equity?

As an investment adviser, you may wonder what proportion of my clients’ assets should be allocated to private equity? — Tyler Hoffman

8. The Industry’s Crystal Ball Racket

The NYT recently ran an article titled Recession Chances Rise: Time for a Gut Check by columnist Jeff Sommer. The online edition carried a somewhat different title “Vanguard Warns of Worsening Odds for the Economy & Markets 2020.” — James E. Wilson

9. A Unique Twist to Creating Sustainable and Successful Marketing

Kristen Judd offers her own insight into her use of Videos (both live and recorded) along with one of her key event campaigns, Wine, Women, and Wealth. — Kirk Lowe and Matt Halloran

10. 5 Common Mistakes of Digital Transformations

Essentially every company is engaged in some form of digital transformation—converting what once was a paper-based process into an online, cloud-based, digital process. — Greg Thompson

11. How Fintech Is Changing Financial Services

Fintech is all around us, whether we see its impact or not. There are many areas where modern advances in financial technology are bringing huge innovations to the table, and we’re already seeing some sectors transforming significantly as a result of the tighter integration of quality technology. — Amy Mathews

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