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Most Read IRIS Articles of the Week: April 2-6


Most Read IRIS Articles of the Week: April 2-6

Here’s a look at the Top 11 Most Viewed Articles of the Week on, April 2-6, 2018

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1. Are Your Clients Visual Thinkers?

According to research 65% of the population are visual thinkers and have an easier time understanding charts and illustrations than tables and numbers. By identifying which of your clients are visual thinkers and by adapting your presentation style accordingly you will not only understand your clients better, but also improve your communication. — Daniel Roos

2. Building a Referral Business is Systematic

In the absence of a strong system referrals will simply be received on an ad hoc basis, drifting in whenever a particular customer is especially motivated to do so, or when an adviser remembers to try and obtain one. — Tony Vidler

3. Elders Alone Present a Growing Opportunity for Advisors to Help Their Senior Clients

Sarah Peveler has a lot of the assets that would set up a comfortable retirement in Tarboro, NC: she paid cash for her home in the small town she moved to after retiring from her job as an executive in Philadelphia. — Chris Orestis

4. U.S. Economy: This Girl is On Fire

You are forgiven if you thought I was reminded of the famous Alicia Keys song, “Girl on Fire,” following the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics’ latest Consumer Price Index (CPI) inflation report. As everyone knows by now, the CPI came in a tad higher than expected. — Krishna Memani

5. Looking Ahead to $20,000 Bitcoin

In last week’s Investor Alert, our investment team shared with you a report from Morgan Stanley that says bitcoin’s price decline since December mimics the Nasdaq tech bubble in the late 1990s. This isn’t earth-shattering news in and of itself. The main difference is that the bitcoin rout happened at 15 times the rate as the tech bubble. — Frank Holmes

6. The Uncomfortable Truth About Success

When we aren’t making progress on a meaningful goal, the default suggestion seems to be some version of the Nike tagline ‘just do it’. It makes sense. If we know what we want and how to get there, then we just need to focus on taking action, right? — Julie Littlechild

7. Factor Crowding, Timing and the Future of Factor Investing

The rise of factor investing has sparked excitement as well as angst across the investment community. As these strategies have become increasingly popular, investor enthusiasm has been coupled with questioning as market participants look to understand how the dynamics of factor investing might change over time. — Yazann RomahiJoe Staines, and Garrett Norman

8. Why Tech-Fins Could Be the Challengers to Big Banks

Google, Amazon and Facebook (GAF), to name a few, could become significant in the retail banking space; where decreasing consumer loyalty is driving firms to become more customer-centric, in a bid to improve retention. Whereas Fintechs don’t have the size or capital endowment to seriously threaten the big banks, Tech-fins certainly do. In this case, size very much matters. — Ryan Bright

9. Six Psychological Skills Every Salesperson Should Possess

There are lots of successful salespeople out there, and many of them come from diverse backgrounds and have unique personality traits that don’t overlap with others. To put it simply; high-performing salespeople cannot be identified based on who they are. They can, however, be identified and lumped in together based on how they approach their profession and how they think. — Ken Kupchik

10. Beware of the Illusory Truth Effect

As investors, we are constantly seeking information to make the best decisions for our monies. The general viewpoint is that it is better to be an informed investor than an ignorant one. That may not be the case because of psychological biases and effects such as the Illusory Truth Effect. — Jay Mooreland

11. Six Stages of Career Development and Changing Careers

According to career experts, people are bound to change careers 5 to 7 times in their entire lifetime. If you have changed careers a couple of times already, or if you are planning to switch careers now, there’s no reason you should hesitate because it is a normal process that people go through. What’s important is that you do proper career management to make sure you eventually find a career that satisfies you. — Cecile Peterkin

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