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Most Read IRIS Articles of the Week: April 23-27


Most Read IRIS Articles of the Week: April 23-27

Here’s a look at the Top 11 Most Viewed Articles of the Week on, April 23-27, 2018

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1. Why Wealthy Investors Don’t Lose Money in the Stock Market

For the record, this has been one of the longest running bull markets in the history of the stock market. But last month, a sudden and dramatic 1,500 point drop in one day (from the Dow’s all-time high) followed immediately by a quick rebound in the same week got everyone’s attention and rattled nerves. — Pam Krueger

2. Why Investors Should Focus on Real Yields

Real yields in emerging markets (EM) have remained at compelling levels over the past few years even as they continued to decline in developed markets, and even as nominal yield levels declined in some EM countries. — Fran Rodilosso

3. 5 Ways to Solve Sales Objections

I was on the “Sell or Die” podcast with Jeffrey Gitomer a couple of weeks ago, and he asked me a good question. He said this question would cause me to think a bit and then he asked, “Mike, how many objections are there?” — Mike Brooks

4. Why Is This Still a Conversation?

Recently, we were in a meeting with the AVP of marketing at a major financial organization. The reason we were invited to the meeting was to share our knowledge regarding women and finances. The conversation revolved around how we could help them provide meaningful content to advisors with regards to retaining and acquiring female clients. — Paulette Filion and Judy Paradi

5. Want to Retain Next-Gen Clients? Start Building Those Relationships Today!

It’s a challenge for every advisor. You’ve fostered a client relationship over years, sometimes even decades, working with the client side by side to grow their portfolio—and grow your AUM. But when your client dies and the next generation takes over, you lose more than a valued client. You lose their portfolio as well. — IndexIQ​​​​​​​

6. If LinkedIn is So Great, Why Aren’t You Using it More?

Every advisor needs to prospect.  Very, very few people like doing it.  The DNC list hampered cold calling.  E-mail is overwhelming.  A 2014 article on Australia’s indicated people receive about 121 business e-mails daily, and probably 140 a day in 2018.  Referrals are great, but their frequency is largely beyond your control.  What now? — Bryce Sanders​​​​​​​

7. Killing the Death Tax: How a Change in the Tax Law Impacts Life Insurance Sales

The life insurance industry has long thrived on the fear that your heirs will be stuck paying a “death tax” on your estate and end up forced to sell long-held family assets to pay for it. For many asset-rich, cash-poor clients, the only option was a life insurance policy that provided funds their heirs could use to pay the 40 percent tax on estates of $5 million or more. — Chris Orestis​​​​​​​

8. How Facebook Broke the Internet and Our Brains

As Mark Zuckerberg testified before Congress last week regarding the breach in Facebook data, Senator Orrin Hatch (R-UT) asked about the company’s business model. “We sell ads,” Zuckerberg replied with a smirk that was captured on a video that later went viral. — Patty Kennedy

9. Did Your Start Up Just Waste Your Venture Capital Money on Advertising?

A friend of mine works in a WeWork based in London, surrounded by start-ups.  The other day we met for a coffee and while having a general catch up, he lowered his voice and said to me. “These start-ups just seem to be blowing their money, or blowing the venture capitalists money!” — Timothy Hughes​​​​​​​

10. Digital Banking, Just an App … Right?

I meet a lot of senior executive teams of large banks. Some are visionary, many are committed and a large number understand that life is changing. Few understand how. — Chris Skinner​​​​​​​

11. Why Prospects Aren’t Paying Attention to You

If your marketing isn’t working the way you want, it is likely not a lack of money or time that you have invested. The most important element in ALL business development efforts is actually your words. — Maribeth Kuzmeski​​​​​​​

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