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Most Read IRIS Articles of the Week: December 18-22


Most Read IRIS Articles of the Week: December 18-22

Here’s a look at the Top 11 Most Viewed Articles of the Week on, December 18-22, 2017

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1. The BEST Prospecting Question Ever

One of the areas which you would think would dominate our prospecting activities is one where many professionals struggle: getting friends and associates onboard as clients. — Tony Vidler

2. How Freedom and Flexibility Is Maximized Within the RIA Space

Advisors with their sights set on the highest level of freedom and flexibility, plus the maximum ability to build long-term enterprise value, owe it to themselves to take a closer look at the RIA model. — Mindy Diamond

3. How Smart Factories Are Transforming Manufacturing as We Know It

There’s an amazing thing happening on factory floors around the world today—something that consumers are only just beginning to witness its dramatic impact on their daily lives. — William Studebaker

4. Advisors Must Reflect on 2017 Results to Experience Greater Success in 2018!

The one thing I have learned in my 20+ years of coaching these high performers is this: You have to own HOW you got to where you are right now if you ever want to GO to your next level.  — Mike Garrison

5. 2018 Resolutions to Help Marketers WIN

The truth is your new year’s resolution doesn’t have to be huge. Smaller, realistic goals can make a big difference in both your personal and professional lives. Maria Rummell

6. How to Help Your Clients Overcome the Knowledge Gap About Long-Term Care Planning

Your clients are living longer and, for many of them, that’s a very good thing. It can mean more time with the grandchildren, more time to travel to those places they didn’t see when they were younger and more time to trying to leave a mark on the world. — Chris Orestis

7. Investing in Failure

One of the great losses of our time, it seems to me, is the loss of the concept of apprenticeship. In some skilled trades this still exists. — Paul K. Bates​​​​​​​

8. The Power of Your Subconscious Mind

Your mind is like a computer.  Stored within it is an operating system with numerous files.  The files you are actively using and aware of are part of your conscious mind. — Annette Bau​​​​​​​

9. The 5 Most Common Mistakes Retirees Make

Retirement is a goal that most of us aspire to. Even though retirement is often thought of as an ending, it is more of a beginning event. — Brad Bobb​​​​​​​

10. What Is Wealth Under Pressure?

No matter what aspect of financial planning, there are positive pressures and negative pressures. — John L. Smallwood​​​​​​​

11. How to Find Balance When Your Life Is Overfilled with To-Dos

I admit it, I rarely enjoy the checkout experience at the grocery store despite the fact that I’ve met some funny, kind, and engaging people while waiting in line. — Alli Polin

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