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Most Read IRIS Articles of the Week: July 2-7


Most Read IRIS Articles of the Week: July 2-7

Here’s a look at the Top 11 Most Viewed Articles of the Week on, July 2-7, 2017 

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1. How to Spot a Crisis

So what is a crisis? I define it as pronounced and perhaps sudden economic downturn caused by problems with liquidity, credit, currency and/or employment although this is not an exhaustive list. — Bill Acheson

2. The Key Events That Could Shape Markets in the Second Half of 2017

The first half of the year may have provided some stability for investors around the world. But while the rest of the year holds plenty of opportunities, some key events could cause uncertainty and even volatility. — Columbia Threadneedle Investment Team

3. Style Premia for a Low Return World

There is no shortage of diverse opinions on Wall Street: it is, after all, what makes a market function.  Yet more and more asset managers are converging in agreement on one important point: we have entered a period of low expected returns in traditional assets. — Corey Hoffstein

4. Financial Independence Isn’t Only for the Wealthy

By being mindful about your finances now, you can intentionally work toward a level of freedom that ensures you can always stand on your own two feet. — Lauren Klein

5. The Best Kept Secret In The Financial Services World

It’s no secret that the financial industry is at a crossroads. Traditional business methods and tactics are slowly being pushed out by a new, consumer friendly approach. However, not so fast … — Michael Kay

6. The Biggest Risk in Successful Advisory Businesses

The first is the risk that the business will fail. But let’s face it, if you’ve reached any level of success in this industry, this is highly unlikely. The second is the risk that the business won’t reach its potential, that you’ll leave something on the table. — Julie Littlechild

7. Don’t Let the Fear of Missing out Bleed Into Your Financial Planning

The rise of social media has brought with it many blessings and curses. Being connected allows us to keep in touch with old friends and establish connections with acquaintances who may one day become close friends or professional contacts. — Graysen Blazek

8. How to Get Ahead of 99% of Financial Advisors

No doubt, financial advisor marketing is one of the toughest games around. Unfortunately with the pressures of running your practice, the brand is something most financial advisors put last. The reality is that 99% of financial advisors are saying the same exact thing. — Sara Grillo

9. Turning a Female Prospect Into a Client

Timing is everything, and it is particularly true when prospecting for new clients. Anyone who has ever done sales/prospecting of any kind knows that making a sale sometimes simply comes down to being at the right place at the right time. — Paulette Filion and Judy Paradi

10. Why You Need to Vividly Bring Your Clients Goals and Aspirations to Life

When they talk abut retirement, what do you do? Here are some ideas to create vivid pictures to put in your clients minds about their future. Use this powerful technique to help clients fully commit to their future goals. — Paul Kingsman

11. 80% of Prospects Choose an Advisor Simply Because of The “Like” Factor

The question is, “How do you make a potential client feel at ease, how do you build that likeability factor when you first meet?” I acknowledge that as a financial adviser you to want to make sure that you like a potential client too – who wants to work with someone they don’t like?! — Rachel Staggs​​​​​​​

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