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Most Read IRIS Articles of the Week: July 31-August 4


Most Read IRIS Articles of the Week: July 31-August 4

Here’s a look at the Top 11 Most Viewed Articles of the Week on, July 31-August 4 2017 

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1. Better Index Investing: Constructing Smart Beta Portfolios

If we see strategic beta as an alternative to traditional index investing, it is worth bearing in mind why investors choose index funds in the first place. — Yazann Romahi

2. How I Learned That Diversification Is the Only Investing Game to Play

Fifty years ago I scraped together $100 that I earned moving lawns and invested in my first stocks. I had heard a person could make a lot of money owning stocks. — Rick Kahler

3. 5 Ways Client Engagement Will Be Different in The Future

We’ve identified the five ways in which client engagement is changing and in ways that will impact you, your clients and your business in future. — Julie Littlechild

4. Cryptocurrencies: The Bitcoin Bubble is in Full Bloom

Cryptocurrencies – digital currencies based on encryption – are in the midst of a bubble, but that should not overshadow the genuinely transformative change that is taking place within the financial services industry. — Chris Skinner

5. Top 10 Roadblocks to Retirement Planning

The success of a retirement plan is based on nurturing the right habits, and having the right structures in place. What are the biggest things holding people back from achieving this? — Chip Coughlin

6. NAIC Sees Life Insurance as a Viable Solution to Long-Term Care Costs

Of all the problems in our complex health care system, long-term care funding may be one of the most complicated to fix. — Chris Orestis

7. What is Holding Back Your Organization?

The truth is that we don’t tell the truth where we work. It is very rare to find any profit or non-profit organization where people tell each other the truth. And the higher you go in an organization, the rarer it becomes. — Jim Haudan

8. How to Get a Prospect in 8 Seconds

You will gain or lose potential clients in just 8 seconds….well, actually it is a lot less than that.  The clock is ticking…and a lot faster than many realise. — Tony Vidler

9. Ask Your Prospects If They’re Spending as Much Time Planning for Retirement as Their Last Vacation

If investors pay a travel planner to plan their vacations, why don’t they pay Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs) to plan for their retirement? — Ted Parker

10. The Greatest Financial Challenge Most People Will Face in This Generation

Making your money last throughout your lifetime used to be so easy: retire at 65, buy bonds and live off your pension and social security. No sweat. You weren’t expecting to live much past 70 or so anyway. — Larry Stein

11. Are The Dollar and the Market at a Tipping Point?

One of the key drivers of the easing of U.S. financial conditions this year, is the weak U.S. dollar (USD). The FOMC met again this week and the results reinforced the Fed’s recent dovish overtones. On this news, the dollar sold off and equites moved higher. — John Derrick

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