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Most Read IRIS Articles of the Week: July 9-13


Here’s a look at the Top 11 Most Viewed Articles of the Week on, July 9-13, 2018

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1. Global Fixed Income Views: Q3 2018

The disconnect between the financial markets and the real economy continued in the second quarter. — Robert Michele

2. Why You Want to Be Serious About Working This Summer

Do you know some advisors who put their business into cruise control during the summer?  That’s such a bad idea. — Bryce Sanders

3. Looking Forward to Get Beyond the Past

Getting nostalgic about how things were “back in the day” is fine, so long as you’re able to work successfully with the new realities of today. — Howard Diamond

4. Less Is More: Crafting Impactful Website Text for Casual Readers

Why bother striving for minimalism in your website text? Simply put, today’s website visitors typically do not have the attention spans or inclination to wade through “walls of text” when they reach your website in search of information. — Alexandra Levis

5. How You Manage Your “OK” Performers Could Be Your Competitive Edge

We can probably all agree that challenging, motivating and developing our top performers is a priority. — Brendan Reid

6. Why the Fiduciary Rule Continues to Be Under Attack; It Makes All The $ense In The World

If you’ve never heard about the endless drama surrounding the embattled Fiduciary Rule, I can well understand. It doesn’t hit the radar screen compared to the moment-to-moment goings on coming out of our nation’s capital. Allow me to catch you up. — Michael Kay

7. The Truth About 3 Career Tips That You Will Never Hear

The career advice we receive changes as we age. As children, we’re encouraged to dream big about the things we want to accomplish in life. We grow up and assume we’ll do what we love. — LaRae Quy

8. This Is Your Practice Without Women

What would your practice look like without women? No wives, no professionals, no executives, no widows, no entrepreneurs, no medical doctors, no divorcees, no women in transition? —Paulette Filion and Judy Paradi

9. Protection Strategies for a Volatile Market Environment

Jeff Chang, Managing Director at CBOE Vest, gives his thoughts on the current market environment and discusses strategies advisors can use moving towards a changing investing world. — CBOE Vest

10. Marketers: Why Bundling Sucks Like a Dirty Martini

Bundling is commonly used by most organizations — add a number of products together and give the customer a discount. Combine two products and get 10% off the total price for both; take 3 products and the discount goes up to 15%. The more you buy, the more you save. A pretty simple idea. — Roy Osing

11.Risk and Failure Can Be Keys to Success

While there are lots of prescriptions, we frequently ignore the major barrier: fear of risk and failure. It is well proven that the fear of loss is much greater than the perceived potential of gain. —Dr. Bert Shlensky

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