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Most Read IRIS Articles of the Week (March 6 – 10)


Most Read IRIS Articles of the Week (March 6 - 10)

Here’s a look at the Top 11 Most Viewed Articles of the Week on, March 6 -10, 2017 

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1. Poised for Growth? 5 Steps to Making the Leap With Smart Technology

As a member of the investment advisor community, you are most likely enjoying some great success at the moment. Equity markets are up, business is booming, and your biggest challenge at the moment is how to streamline and scale your practice to support new growth. — Colin Falls

2. Do Clients Recognize Your Greatness?

If your clients are not talking about how great you are – perhaps, just perhaps, they don’t recognize all that you do. If a client has been working with you for several years, do they recognize all the above and beyond activities that are being done for them or do they consider it just regular service? — Maribeth Kuzmeski

3. The Art of the Dodge: Not an Artful Public Relations Strategy

To the horror of some and amazement of others, Trump Senior Adviser Kellyanne Conway has managed to take the art of dodging media questions to a whole new level with even the most seasoned reporters. — Julie Goodman

4. A Smarter (and Easier) Way to Invest in Commodities

Commodities. They’ve had a tough run for years. Until recently, they were something few would consider including in a portfolio. Their five-year bear market began in 2011, and it seemed to hang on forever. But last year, things began to shift for this black sheep of an asset class. — Salvatore Bruno

5. Eight Ways to Build Marketing Muscle

There are organizations that are really good at marketing who they are and what value they create. They have marketing muscle. There are others, on the other hand, who struggle to get their message across and are not contenders. — Roy Osing

6. Avoiding the Collapse of Independent Wealth Advisory Businesses

We have spent years working with hundreds of advisory businesses and talking to thousands more. It is time to share the honest truth. The fee-only independent advisory industry is changing rapidly with consolidation and closure of firms due to a lack of sustainability. This is occurring because most advisor owners don’t have the passion, experience, or interest in being a CEO. — Jennifer Goldman

7. Advisors: How to Articulate Your Value in One Step!

Have you noticed that your attention span has started to plummet? Our need to be educated, informed while having fun at the same time has escalated! So how on earth as professionals do we make our messages; our information fun and engaging? — Rachel Staggs

8. Why Behavioral Coaching Has Become the Most Valuable Tool for Advisors

Behavioral Coaching also is valuable in sorting our inherent behavioral and cognitive biases that often hamper financial progress. These biases, such as overconfidence and confirmation bias (placing too much weight on information that follows your beliefs), directly impact risk perception.. — James E. Wilson​​​​​​​

9. When the World Feels Out of Control, Focus on What You Can

For those suffering from post-election PTSD or other feelings of worry, despair or emotional upheaval, your pain is shared throughout the country and the world. — Michael Kay​​​​​​​

10. Advisory Firm’s That Are “Going Out Of Business” Without Even Realising It

I have a strong sense that a lot of advisory firms are “going out of business” at the moment and don’t even realise it. Markets are going well, and commission and fee rates are still at the high end of the scale, and there are still plenty of consumers using advisers really, and a lot the anticipated regulatory bite hasn’t really hit home for most practitioners…. — Tony Vidler

11. How to Get Your Team to Trust You

Trust the Trenches has so many nuances, all of which I learned the hard way. For me, it wasn’t the delegating, or asking for input, that was the hardest… it was trusting my team enough to be vulnerable. To trust them enough to admit that I’m far from perfect, and having the confidence to know that was okay. — Karin Hurt​​​​​​​

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