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Most Read IRIS Articles of the Week: May 14-18

Here’s a look at the Top 11 Most Viewed Articles of the Week on IRIS.xyz , May 14-18, 2018

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1. OMG, Facebook Used My Data!!! Now What?

The scare-mongering that’s going around today about data usage is driving me up the wall. When I see people having meltdowns about Facebook using their data to deliver content to them, I’m thinking: “WHERE THE F*** HAVE YOU ALL BEEN, under a freaking rock???” — Ted Rubin

2. The LIBOR Spike and Why It Matters

One of the most important interest rates in global financial markets, U.S. LIBOR, has spiked causing some investors to fear that there is a fundamental problem with the global interest rate market. — Alex Dryden and Jordan Jackson

3. Is It Time to Disrupt Yourself or Continue Onward?

I tend to get restless and easily bored. That’s probably not the greatest trait as an entrepreneur, but in the 23 years I have had my business, I have “shifted” many times as my industry has changed or as I saw an opportunity to disrupt my own business and grow it. — Gina Schreck

4. Buying the Next Dip Might Not Be the Best Strategy

With the major portion of earnings season behind us, this week we are going to take a look at the vector and velocity of economic forces that will affect earnings in the coming quarters, but we first need to know where we are, before we can understand where we are likely to be heading. — Lenore Elle Hawkins

5. What to Do When Prospects Go Quiet

After a great prospect meeting, what should you do when prospects go quiet? — Paul Kingsman

6. Did Active Management Hold up During First-Quarter Volatility?

Volatility may have rattled investors’ nerves during a rocky first quarter for markets, but did those with their assets in the hands of an active manager sleep better at night? — Albert Lim

7. 8 Things Keeping You from a Secure Retirement

What’s standing in the way between you and a secure retirement? How can you enjoy life today while planning for the future? Here’s the top eight obstacles we have garnered from working with hundreds of clients in their peak earnings years planning for retirement. — James E. Wilson

8. How to Work Anywhere in the World

So, is it possible to earn a living selling over the phone while enjoying the flexibility of working from where ever you want to? And, perhaps as importantly, is it possible to work less than 40 hours a week (or on a schedule that works for you) and still make enough money to enjoy the lifestyle you want? — Mike Brooks

9. 6 Ways to Shorten your Sales Cycle

One way to control the length of your sales cycle is to be sure that sales team members have all received targeted training. First, sales professionals should know what to look for in their ideal client profile, what industries to target, what messaging works or doesn’t, etc. Then ... — Monika D'Agostino

10. How to Get Clients to Talk About You to Others

A memorable interaction should result in leaving something behind with the people you encounter: a thought, a story, or a tangible item. — Maribeth Kuzmeski

11. The Importance of Asking Questions and Having a Realistic Budget

Today’s guest is DJ Williams, University of Miami Hall of Fame linebacker and former NFL linebacker turned entrepreneur. DJ now owns two Pincho Factory restaurants in Miami, has his own clothing line called Dyme Lyfe, and is in the process of starting a new business to help professional athletes build their own brands. — Lauryn Williams