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Most Read IRIS Articles of the Week: May 7-11


Most Read IRIS Articles of the Week: May 7-11

Here’s a look at the Top 11 Most Viewed Articles of the Week on, May 7-11, 2018

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1. How Artificial Intelligence Will Reinvent Investment Advising

Machine Learning, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence (AI). Three buzzwords you have likely seen in the media lately. It is challenging to surf a news website and not read about the impact of AI on the economy and the applications it will enable. Is all the fuss well founded? — Michel Barakat

2. Financial Planning for Women Isn’t a Niche—It’s a Necessity!

In our continuously evolving world, men and women are becoming equal partners, more so than ever before—both in caring for their families and in the workplace. And yet, even today, women still face specific financial challenges that cannot be overlooked. — IndexIQ

3. You Know It’s Insane so Why Do You Keep Doing It?

Advisors we’ve talked to assign the following attributes to their ideal client, a person with substantial money to invest, one willing to follow a long-term plan. — Paulette Filion and Judy Paradi

4. Why You Need a Great Brand

Name Recognition + Benefits = Brand.  Why should people do business with you?  If a client mentions you to a friend and they reply “Tell me about him.  Is he any good?”  What do they reply?  If a person mentions your name in a social situation and says: “What do you know about her?” What would the answer be? — Bryce Sanders

5. The Value Of A Distinctive Signature

In New York on business last week, I managed to sneak away to the Met for a little cultural inspiration. After checking out the special exhibits, I went on walkabout in my favorite section: the Impressionists and the post-Impressionists. — Rochelle Moulton

6. A Buz-Worthy Social Sentiment Strategy

As the social media universe has grown and evolved, so have the options for investors looking to tap that growth. There are prosaic and unique approaches to the social media investment theme. — Tom Lydon

7. Think the Fiduciary Rule Is Dead? Think Again

We’ve all been told how important it is to invest in the future, and there’s a whole industry dedicated to retirement planning. But not all financial advisors are created equal, despite attempts to implement a proposed rule that would require anyone who gives retirement investment advice to sign an oath saying they’re working in the customer’s best interest. — Kathryn Eident

8. We Have Met the Enemy … and He Is Us

The phrase, “We have met the enemy and he is us,” found it’s origin during the War of 1812 in which Commodore Perry reported, “We have met the enemy and they are ours,” to William Henry Harrison after the Battle of Lake Erie. — Chris Ruisi

9. The Value of Being Distracted at Work

Do you get easily distracted at work or feel less consistently focused on the job than you used to? Not to worry. It turns out distractibility may be a good, and unappreciated, phenomenon of older workers. — Phyllis Weiss Haserot

10. The End of the “Annual” Review

I’ve got a big question, and it needs answering. See, this is one of those articles where I’m trying work my way through one of those, “Why the hell do we all do it this way anyway?” type conundrums. — Stewart Bell​​​​​​​

11. How to Help Your Team Solve Problems On Their Own

If you ever struggle with feeling like you’re doing your team’s thinking for them and don’t have time to do your own work, these are signals that your team needs help to think and solve problems more effectively. — David Dye

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